Take awesome selfies
in full resolution

Available for iPhone and iPad

Turn your main camera into high quality front camera

Control camera remotely and take great group photos

How it works

SelfieTime connects two iOS devices over Bluetooth or WiFi and allows one to wirelessly control camera of one device from another one


Turn flash On/Off on device that acts as camera


Blinking icon will advise you to rotate one of devices to be able to see a full view

Image transfer

Progress bar indicates when image transfer is in progress

SelfieTime screenshot

Switch button

Switch camera role with single tap from any device

Snapshot button

Once connected the snapshot button will turn Red on device that acts as camera and Blue on device that works as remote controller


You may turn off automatic image transfer for better performance if you want to take many photos in a row


  • Instant connection - just start the app on both devices, they will find and connect each other automatically
  • No internet connection required - works over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • All orientations are correctly supported - hold both devices as you like!
  • Taken image is saved to your photo album unchanged in full resolution and contains all metadata including geo location
  • Same photo is transferred to second device automatically